Australian Mineral

CRYSTALLINE GOLD - Illustration from the cover of
A. Liversidges's Minerals of New South Wales
Published in 1888

Crystalline gold from Liversidge's minerals of NSW, 1888

The publications listed here are not exhaustive, but are an indication of those available that have a high content of information on Australian minerals, mineral collecting or information of interest to collectors.

Agate Creek over the Years by Dennis Bramer Agate Creek Over the Years
A hardcover book by Ipswich author Denis Bramer on Agate Creek Queensland Australia. Displays many of the author's collection and recounts trips made over many years, with history and a much previously unpublished information on this iconic collector location.
The Australian Journal of Mineralogy
A great reference for Australian mineral collecting, with news, articles, wonderful photography to suit both the layman and professional. A 'must have' for devotees to the hobby
Steve's Spot - an interesting mix of minerals and chat, authored by the Tassie Steve Sorrell
Minerals of Broken Hill Minerals of Broken Hill
Newly rewritten and reprinted edition of this Australian classic guide to the History and Mineralogy of Broken Hill New South Wales.
Turning Redlead into Gold Turning Red Lead into Gold
Steve Sorrell's on-line publication of the story of crocoite and other lead minerals of Tasmania
Metal Stone & Glass craft magazine
Published twice yearly

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