The Minerals Heritage Museum, Brisbane, Qld

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A display of Minerals, Crystals and Gems located in Brisbane, Queensland

The Minerals Heritage Museum (MHM) is affiliated with the Mineralogical Society of Queensland and has a great mineral display located near the heart of Brisbane, and aims to preserve, display and educate the public about these beautiful and wonderful freaks of nature.

MHM cabinets

Tony Forsyth (Honorary Curator and Trustee L.) and John Hayward (Trustee R.) at the new 
installation in the Queensland Museum, Southbank, Brisbane, Queensland.

A permanent display of high-quality mineral specimens is available for viewing by the public during business hours within the Queensland Museum, located in Southbank Cultural Centre complex. Our display is on the mezzanine floor, accessible from the Museum's main entry level. There are five large vertical display cabinets and three desktop cabinets filled with numerous high quality specimens which comprise the best public mineral display in south-east Queensland. We would love to see you visit. It's free entry into the museum display

MHM minerals

MHM minerals
Our display cabinets with over 500 high quality specimens from Australia and overseas.

From time to time we also mount displays at other venues, so refer to this website for news and information. Entry and viewing of our display is free!

  • The Minerals Heritage Museum is a member of Museums Australia

  • Our museum has been accepted as a public museum by the Australian Taxation Office, and gifts of $2 and upwards are allowable deductions to donors for income tax purposes.

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