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(photography T. Forsyth)

Aragonite crystals on basalt, Kyogle, NSW

Welcome to our 
Australian Mineral Collector Web Site!

When I first envisaged this website in 1996, the web was a relatively new technology. It is now an integral way of life and email and web access is now the norm. My vision then, as now, was to provide a single place where like-minded collectors from within Australia and overseas could easily access information relative to our hobby.

Although there is no single "official" mineral body in Australia, an informal group of the "Joint Mineralogical Societies of Australia" get together every year for a great seminar on minerals and mineral collecting. Usually this is held in early June, but has been varied due to particular society requirements. In 2007 this group was expanded to include our Kiwi cousins from New Zealand, and so we are now the "Joint Mineralogical Societies of Australasia".

My name is Tony Forsyth, from Brisbane Australia and I edit this site from time to time when I have new detail to add. I am a member of the Mineralogical Society of Queensland and I regularly converse with my other Aussie mates interstate to try and keep my information accurate.

However, without help from everyone with an interest, my job is far more difficult - so by all means drop me an email if you see something wrong or out of date or you wish to add some detail.

If you email me with any of your questions, I shall attempt to answer them promptly or else pass them onto someone who can.

I cannot guarantee all information  on the site is correct, but I certainly try to keep it so.

The website itself is financed by the Mineralogical Society of Queensland Inc. and the costs of running our site are recouped by other sponsoring societies, and Australian mineral dealers who place their contact details on the Dealer web page.

I try and keep the entire site relevant to Australia and New Zealand and if you are a gem/mineral/lapidary dealer who would like to support us and have you details listed, please drop me an email. A 12 month listing will cost you AU$30 in sponsorship and allow us to continue the good work. It is surprising how many guests from outside Australia would like to know where they can buy quality Australian specimens or get information on collecting within Australia.

Please support our sponsors and give them feedback on this site, as it allows us to continue the service.

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